The Building Process

The Building Process

There’s not many things more inspiring than watching your dream home take shape from the ground up. Many people are often overwhelmed by the thought of building a house, although the process on the owners behalf is really quite simple:

  • Talk to one of our friendly staff to discuss your family’s needs and lifestyle requirements and we’ll assist you in selecting a suitable home design.
  • As a smaller builder (compared to other national franchises) we strive to deal with our clients on a lot more personal level and would love to arrange a meeting at your convenience to discuss with you in more detail your budget and what you are looking to build, with the possibility of walking through some of the current homes we are building or have recently finished. Generally we are available to meet with you in the comfort of your home after normal business hours, including weekends if need be.
  • We will discuss everything from the size of your home, the number of bedrooms, the size of each room, the outside appearance of your home, the ceiling height, outside patio areas, facade, additional cost items and wish list items which you would like to have included in the home building tender.
  • Depending on what stage you are up to we may also be able to provide advice on a suitable block of land, or home and land package. If you already have purchased a block of land, we would also recommend we perform a site inspection to enable us to provide advice and assistance on home designs that will best suit your block and family.
  • At this stage we will also provide you with a full reference list of every client we have built a Mellross Home for in the last 12-24 months. Please feel free to give any of them a call to ask them about their experience with us.
  • You will need to provide Mellross Homes with a site plan, 149 certificate, 88b and sewer diagram (these documents form part of contract of sale, or should be obtainable from your developer/local council), clear copy of a Linen Plan with DP number or sales plan of the land. Mellross requires this information to enable your Sales Consultant to position your home on your block and prepare preliminary plans.
  • Preliminary drawings drafted of your design will be positioned on your block of land from the spot levels taken.
  • Mellross Homes Sales Consultant will arrange a suitable appointment time to formally present the Tender where possible, explaining all items and costs in the Tender.
  • Once you have decided to build a new Mellross Home we ask that you sign a tender acceptance form. At this time you will be required to pay a $5,000 deposit/service fee. This will allow us to arrange for the your full plans and specifications as well as structural engineering plans for your new home. (Note: This service fee will form part of the contract price from your contract and forms part of the 5% deposit).
  • Mellross Homes will now prepare the plans for council lodgement.
  • We will also arrange a Basix Assessment for Developer / Council approval.
  • Preliminary house plans are received and forwarded to you for your review and approval (Mellross will allow 3 sets of plan changes at no extra cost to allow you to achieve the design that suits your family and lifestyle).
  • We will provide you with comprehensive Mellross Homes selection Guides and schedule for you to select your inclusions and to view our upgraded product ranges. At this stage you will be given a password and be able to make full use of our online client area.
  • We will arrange a suitable appointment time for you to meet with our experienced selection Consultants. At this time you will make selections regarding all aspects of your home. We have a complete selection display showroom at our Mellross Homes Head Office. Some inclusions may need to be selected at another supplier. We will advise you if you need to do this. Once you have decided on your finishes, your Consultant will formally document your selections, this process will allow us to ensure that we have completed everything that is required to ensure a smooth and timely construction  of your new home.
  • Mellross Homes Senior Sales Consultant prepares the NSW HIA Residential Building Contract and arranges a suitable appointment time with you to sign the Contract. At the signing of the contract you are required to pay the balance of 5% deposit.
  • Mellross Homes lodges the building plans to Developer (if applicable) and to Council for approval.
  • Mellross Homes receives your Development Approval and lodges for a Construction Certificate.
  • Council / Certifier conditions are checked, final construction drawings and any relevant changes are completed and sent to you for final sign off.
  • Any final non-structural variations are raised and approved by yourself and added to the contract price as a variation.
  • Mellross Homes prepares construction files and places construction orders with our trades and suppliers.
  • We will require an ‘Authority to Commence Construction’ letter from your lender (if you require finance), or if self-funding, evidence that sufficient funds are available to the contract value.
  • Construction of your new home will commence once we have received all the approved documentation for your new home, including your completed, non-changable selection schedule. Once we have received these documents Mellross Homes will be able to start building your home.
  • You will be invited to attend milestone inspections of your new home construction, including the house pad. At these stages progress payments will be issued to you as per the building agreement.
  • When the house pad has been prepared, the concrete floor slab of your new home will be poured and construction will be well and truly under way.

Handover happens when you receive the keys to your finished home and your dream becomes a reality!

  • When all works are completed, you will be invited to attend a ‘final walkthrough’ inspection of your new home with your liaison officer. Together you will inspect your new home and discuss any items which you feel might need to be addressed before you move in.
  • Once you have accepted ‘Practical Completion’ of your home, and all monies have been paid, we will present you with the keys, along with a handover package including all warranties, user manuals and any information regarding your new home.

Mellross Homes service to you will continue even after the construction process has finished. As part of our continuing service to you, Mellross Homes will provide you with a maintenance service for the first three months after handover of your new home. During this three month period we request that you document any items in your home that you feel might need rectification and contact us. We will schedule a meeting with you to inspect and rectify any minor repairs.