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Discover homes for sale in Boorowa, NSW, with Mellross Homes

At Mellross Homes, we believe that a great home extends beyond its four walls into the community and natural environment that surrounds it. Donohoe’s Estate in Boorowa offers a unique opportunity to become part of a close-knit society enriched by its historical roots and vibrant local culture. Nestled in the heart of NSW, Boorowa is celebrated for its beautiful landscape, friendly residents and tranquil lifestyle that balances country charm with modern conveniences.

Boorowa is an idyllic place to call home, especially for those seeking peace away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The region boasts a variety of local amenities, including schools, parks and public events that highlight its rich Irish heritage and the famed annual Irish Woolfest. The local economy thrives on agriculture, allowing residents to enjoy fresh local produce and participate in sustainable living practices.

Our commitment to quality — the Mellross Homes difference

At Mellross Homes, our mission is to build homes that you love and create spaces where memories can flourish. Our approach is client-focused, ensuring that from the first blueprint to the final touches, your journey with us is seamless and fulfilling. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or looking to invest in property, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

As a cornerstone of the Boorowa district, Donohoe’s Estate represents true Mellross Homes’ values — quality, integrity and community engagement. Investing in homes for sale in Boorowa, NSW means investing in a lifestyle that cherishes nature’s beauty and the strength of population ties.

Why Mellross Homes?

Choosing Mellross Homes means opting for a builder who understands the importance of community and quality living. With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, our dedicated team brings expertise and passion to every project. We’re not just builders but innovators and dream makers who ensure that every Mellross home is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our portfolio of home and land packages features a range of home designs tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences, from compact units to expansive family residences. At Mellross Homes, we prioritise sustainability and functionality, ensuring that each home not only looks stunning but also fits the lifestyle of its inhabitants perfectly.

Ready to get started? Browse homes for sale in Boorowa, NSW

Mellross Homes has partnered with Donohoe’s Estate Boorowa to bring you the best of country living! Located just 90 minutes from Canberra, just over 30 minutes from Young and an easy 3hr 30-minute drive from Sydney, Donohoe’s Estate combines idyllic country living and modern amenities.

For all enquiries about our homes for sale in Boorowa, NSW, please contact our office.


What are the neighbours like in the area?

The neighbours in Boorowa are well-known for their friendly and welcoming nature, a common spirit within close-knit communities and small towns. The residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, often participating in local events and traditions while supporting each other. This communal atmosphere makes Boorowa the perfect place for families or individuals craving a connected and relaxed lifestyle.

Would it be possible to schedule a house viewing?

Absolutely! To schedule a house viewing at Donohoe’s Estate in Boorowa, please contact us by sending us an online enquiry, a message via live chat, or calling us at (02) 6382 5350. We’ll provide details on available viewing times and assist you with any specific requests or questions you might have about the property you are interested in.

How much is the average cost of house and land packages in this neighbourhood?

The average cost of house and land packages for homes for sale in Boorowa, NSW, varies depending on factors such as budget, property requirements, and preferences. Mellross Homes provides house and land packages in Boorowa starting from $722k.